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Welcome to! This is a resource for Orthodox Christians who are interested in learning Byzantine music created by Gabriel Otte.

This is NOT meant to be a replacement for proper training in Byzantine Chant nor courses like the St. Romanos course. It is merely meant as a resource for people who require a little more help than just the written music to learn the intricacies of Byzantine music. Right now, we are focusing on recording arrangements by Basil Kazan which is predominantly used in the Antiochian Archdiocese in the United States. 

The recordings were performed and recorded by Gabriel Otte and his friends who were kind enough to put in the time.

Currently, we offer resources for the Vespers services. Over time, we will add music from other services such as Orthros and Divine Liturgy.

Please submit any suggestions for improvements and requests for new music by clicking on "Contact" above.

We hope that you find this site helpful for your worship.

About Us


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